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Aug 11, 2005 08:49 PM

Salade Nicoise: The perfect hot weather dinner

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It's been so hot and sultry in Boston this summer. I have therefore been turning fairly often to salade nicoise for dinner. It's simple, healthful and delicious. My children love it, too.

Steam about a pound of green and/or wax beans. Remove when still crisp and rinse under cold water. Steam a pouond of new potatoes over the same water until just tender. Drain 2 cans Italian tuna packed in oil. Reserve the oil when draining the tuna and dress the salad with the oil, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper. Home grown tomatoes are a plus. Olives are nice too, if you have them.


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  1. Great pic. Couldn't agree more-we had it two nights ago for dinner. I sometimes add a couple radish slices, hard boiled egg wedges, & chives or scallions to the mix. Good call on using the tuna oil as part of the dressing!

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      A big fat OUI to that, especially the egg slices! My pa-in-law made the first of these I ever had, and it stunned me what a splendid supper a salad could be. Also had it in sandwiches in Nice - Pan Bagnat - which our host had procured and packed for lunch on his boat. Heaven...

    2. I adore salade nicoise. I add about a tablespoon of dijon mustard to the dressing. No matter how much I make, my husband guarantees there are no leftovers.

      1. Thanks for the photo! Hope to see more. I couldn't agree w/ you more. I love salade nicoise on days when I don't feel like cooking much, want something filling, and want to use up a bunch of random veggies. No two nicoise salads of mine are ever alike.

        Below is a photo of a salad where I went nuts and threw in everything...fresh greens, steamed beans, carrots, and potatoes, hard-cooked eggs, red onion, canned tuna, capers dressed w/ a mustard tarragon (or basil?) vinaigrette. The vinaigrette can vary but I often include mustard. This version wasn't as healthful as yours but sometimes I go for clean and healthy. This photo was taken before I got into Italian tuna packed in oil (thanks to CH!). I don't use it in everyday foods, but reserve it for special uses like in this salad now!


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          This looks wonderful. I love "clean out the fridge" salads.

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            We call those salads "garbage salads" (joke) 'cos everything but the kitchen sink goes in them.

        2. Great picture. For a special lunch, I like to make it with seared tuna, and put in on a large pate a choux ring that I bake. I usually make JC's sliced french potato salad instead of plain boiled potatoes, & I also use anchovies. Yumm....

          This has worked well when the guest list includes vegetarians - I put the tuna & anchovies on separate plates, as well as some cheese, so people can add what they like.

          1. Great choice and photo. Reminds me of my days as a just minted college graduate doing an internship in D.C. Sublet a place in Georgetown and didn't have a lot of $$...when we had folks over this was our premier dish. Sophisticated, tasty, cool and cost efficient--what's not to love!

            Great addition would be a cup of gazpacho