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Aug 11, 2005 04:56 PM

Columbian recipes?

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Anyone have any must try Columbian recipes?
Thank you

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  1. Well, since you haven't gotten any responses, let me direct you to a website that I have found useful for ethnic recipes (see link). Scroll down the left margin and click on the "Columbia" link. I don't know much about Columbian food, but some of the recipes sound very tasty. Let us know if you come across any winning recipes!


    1. Okay, here's one that proves ubiquitous throughout Chile. It's great with grilled meats. I understand that any married Chileno woman who can't make this is not considered a proper housewife.


      Select tomatoes that are nice and ripe. Homegrown are best. Slice as many as you desire.

      Thinly slice a big Spanish onion - to yield about the same amount as the tomatoes. Remember, slice thinly. Now, here's the trick: they have to washed.

      I put the onion slices in a colander and keep water running over them as I gently but firmly squeeze the slices. Some women do this in a big bowl and keep changing the water. Either way, you must keep washing (somewhat like rinsing out panty hose) until they are transparent. Let drain.

      Chop up a lot of cilantro.

      Layer the tomatoes, then onions, then cilantro in a nice bowl.

      Make a dressing of red wine vinegar, olive oil and salt and pepper. Very simple dressing, but that's all you need. Pour over everything and let marinate at least two hours.