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Aug 10, 2005 04:58 PM

Waffle disaster - Help!

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I have a Cuisinart belgian waffle iron that I've used successfully in the past. I made blueberry waffles, using fresh berries that I mixed into a standard waffle recipe. Also, I lightly brushed the iron with canola oil first. What a mess - waffles stuck horribly. Ended up with mostly squished waffles and a waffle iron (non-stick) with seriously stuck-on gunk, that was a pain to clean up. What went wrong?

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  1. It's just that blueberries, especially fresh, excude so much juice when they cook that it oozes out and creates an inbalance in the moisture ratio of the batter, as well sticking to the iron. My favorite when available is fresh blackberries or ollalaberries cooked in crispy waffles....heaven!!!! These berries can be big and fat , so just 4-5 per has to be carefull how many berries are added , as what you describe can happen!!!
    Most of the time I favor making either plain classic waffles, or flavorings with out too much moisture, bananas, nuts, etc in the batter, and serving the fruit, blueberries, strawberries, sliced nectarines, as a compote on the side.
    Oh, and also a spray oil such as TJs Spray Canola works really well to get just a light coating. I have a non-stick also but like the crispiness you get with a bit of oil, and easier removal as well

    1. I used to have a terrible time with my waffle iron until I seasoned it with bread, "buttered" on both sides with crisco. I did one piece at a time, toasting them in the waffle iron, and I think I went through four pieces of bread (my waffle iron is older and rather large). Now, I just wipe it clean when I'm done and put it away - I don't dissemble and wash. I read somewhere - Cooks Illustrated, I think - that the cooking sprays build up into a nasty gunk.

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        Crepes Suzette

        This sounds like a good idea. I'll give it a try. Is your waffle iron a non-stick type?

      2. So quit trying to "trick up" your waffle batter, and TOP them with the berries instead - if the fruit (whatever it may be) is not palatable alone, dust with sugar.

        1. I ruined a waffle iron doing that blueberry thing. Never again!

          1. I have a Cuisinart too and someone borrowed it and it was returned in the same condition as yours. It appeared like dried rubber cement covered the surfaces. It was impossible to remove. I was told that cooking spray could do this. I did some research and saw a suggestion to heat the iron, unplug it and put wet paper towels covered with baking soda inside and let it sit for a while. This might have to be done more than once. I never tried it, just got rid of it.
            I would like to get something to make waffles that is not made with teflon or any similar substance. Any suggestions?