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Aug 10, 2005 11:56 AM

Dinner party results

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I posted a while ago asking for a side for my duck dish. Here are my results.

I ended up with cheesy polenta and baby vegetables for my sides. The duck is served with a fig and red wine reduction sauce.

Starter was a chilled corn soup with avocado and heirloom tomato and greens.

Instead of the mushroom Neopolean, I just made rolls out of the them, like little cigars of phyllos filled with sauteed mushrooms and brie. That was served with a mushroom a jus. (I forgot a photo of this dish)

Dessert was a petite orange creme brulee and cherimoya sorbet (picture not shown).


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  1. That looks beautiful - BTW - so are the spoons - do you mind sharing the pattern name?

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    1. re: MMRuth

      sorry don't know what it's called. They are tiny spoons that I got at a dish store in Paris. I don't know if the picture shows the size clearly, but those spoons are smaller than baby spoons :) So are the cups. I'm sucker to tiny servingware and individual servings.

      1. re: Wendy Lai

        No problem - they are just lovely! I'm a sucker for silver/dishes/linens!

    2. What a great meal... and I also love the spoon.
      Thanks for sharing

      1. Wendy, the food and presentation look stunning. Thanks so much for the photos. Like MMRuth, I really noticed your accessories; the spoons are darling.

        Did you make the cherimoya sorbet? If so, where did you get the recipe from and how did it taste? I've only had a cherimoya once that I impulsively bought from the farmer's market and didn't really know what to do w/ it.

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        1. re: Carb Lover

          no, my friend made the cherimoya sorbet. I don't think it tasted very cherimoya for me :) At least in Taiwan, the fresh cherimoy tasted very different the the frozen kind she used for the sorbet. If you are interested in the recipe, I'll see if she has one she can email. Send me your email.