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Aug 8, 2005 06:08 PM

Another variation on the Sir Gawain Cake

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Can't resist posting yet another paean, because I made it this weekend, and the results were pretty stellar. I used nectarines -- not even particularly good nectarines. Added 1 T cardamom to the batter, and tossed the sliced nectarines with lemon juice and sugar and cardamom (next time I'd skip the cardamom with the nectarines.) Replaced milk with buttermilk, used only 1 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp baking soda.

Gorgeous, and the cardamom and nectarines were a perfect pairing. I liked the spice in the batter too.

No pictures, but it was well-received at the potluck.

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  1. That sounds great! I'm glad the buttermilk worked for you too. This cake has endless variations. I think I'm going to do an upside down pluot-peach this week now that my raspberry one has completely disappeared!

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    1. re: Carb Lover

      I made the plum cake last Sunday. It tastes okay, but the plums have a sort of slimy texture that I find a bit icky.

      My husband disagrees. Did you peel the plums first? I did. I never peel them when I make crisps or tarts.

      1. re: oakjoan

        I haven't made it w/ plums or pluots yet, but when I do I don't plan on peeling. From nooodles' photo, I don't think she peeled. Curious why you peeled if you don't normally for your tarts or crisps?

        1. re: Carb Lover

          Just a whim - the thinking behind it was thus: one eats tart with a fork and can cut through the skins. One eats cake out of hand (at least at my house or at the office much of the time)and the skins might come off all of a piece and be sloppy.

          It takes a lot of work to figure out these wrongheaded ideas!

          1. re: oakjoan

            I didn't peel, but you're right that the peel was annoying to try to bite through.

            On the other hand, I really liked the tanginess that the peel on the pluots gave the cake. The peel on the green plums which were as sweet as the meat, were worthless.

            I thought a solution might be to cut the plums into smaller pieces, but then they might just fall apart. Then again, a spread of plum chunks over the top of a cake doesn't seem like such a bad idea, and it'd certainly still be able to be held in one hand.

            1. re: nooodles

              I made it with plums (don't remember the variety) and just cut them in half and pitted them (no peeling). Put them in batter skin side up so there were these pleasant reddish mounds of plum peering out from cake. I thought it looked nice and I liked the taste. It was easy to eat with one's hand. I'll concede, the peels were perhaps a bit of a pain to bite through, but not as big a pain to as peeling plums, and I liked the look of the skins in the cake.

              Just my two cents!


    2. OK, I've seen so much about the variations of Sir Gawain Cake, but I have no idea what the original cake recipe is. Will somebody please post the original recipe or direct me to a link. I've seached the board without any luck. It sounds like it must be quite a cake.

      Thank you,

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