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Aug 8, 2005 05:41 PM

help too many new potatoes!!!

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I have way too many new potatoes. Not sure of the specific variety, but I might have a few. Some are red, some look more like fingerlings. My CSA has been overflowing with potatoes for that last few weeks and I haven't been cooking them. What to do now? I'd love your favorite potato recipe.

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  1. I had the same problem recently and there was a very long thread on this board. Some great ideas - see below.


    1. There is an old James Beard recipe called Fondant Potatoes. It was simply new potatoes that had been peeled around the middle and then slowly cooked in unsalted butter in a heavy covered pot. Le Creuset is perfect for this. Cook them long and slow. They get beautifully crusty on the outside and creamy on the inside. Don't try to move them if they sitck to the pot bottom, they will let go when it is time to turn them.

      1. potato and chorizo - great as a hash, or in a soft taco

        cut up and cook the chorizo in a frying pan with a bunch of onions -- when it's almost done, add the cut up potato which you mash up a little and brown nicely in the chorizo fat.

        so easy, so delicious
        you can also sneak in hearty greens, like cut up kale -- it kind of the same idea as that Italian rendering in the kale thread

        fancier recipe for this in Bayless' book, Mexico One Plate at at Time

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          Pitu, should the raw Mexican type chorizo be used for this or the pepperoni-like Spanish type? Both are available to me here in FL...thanks!

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            FRESH is best (raw Mexican type) - if you only had dried, you'd cook it alot less and start with cooking the onions and garlic with olive oil and then add chopped up dried sausage

            did I mention onions and garlic? go for crispy brown edges on everything

            now I have to go to the store and buy potatoes and hope they have fresh

            1. re: pitu

              They have pretty good fresh, bulk BEEF chorizo at Berkeley Bowl. I've used it a lot. Not quite as greasy as the other chorizo I've bought.

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                The fresh chorizo spicy pork fat is put to good use in this cook the onions and garlic and potato in it. Drain some of the fat out if it's looking too greasy for you -- just reserve it so you can add it back as needed.

                O the gorgeous Berkeley Bowl...I miss that place!
                But I'd rather keep the pig in the chorizo.

        2. Although I had waaay too many spuds from my Full Belly box, I stopped getting them a few weeks ago. But, we had dinner at a friend's house recently and she served potato enchiladas. They were fantastic. She just made mashed potatoes and mixed in some green chilis (dunno if they were those mild canned ones or the chilis en escabeche)and a little cheese. She rolled them in softened corn tortillas and served them with a salsa on the side and a big green salad. They were gone in about 2 minutes.

          Haven't tried to make them myself, but it seems pretty easy.

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          1. re: oakjoan

            that sounds good
            were the enchiladas baked or fried or something?

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            Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions. I'm going to try something tomorrow night and report back.