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Aug 8, 2005 03:37 PM

my fried rice came out wrong! what happened??

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i made a ton of fried rice...but it came out all clumpy and sticky...not nice and loose like i get when i order chinese take-out. what did i do wrong?

tips for next time?

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  1. I'm not sure anyone can tell what happened if they don't know how you cooked the rice in the first place. care to post your recipe? type of rice used? etc.

    1. You haven't really described your cooking process but I'll make a guess at some things in any event......did you cook your rice so that the grains are whole and not overly wet to begin with and then did you spread out the rice to dry and cool before making your fried rice. You can do this overnight or for several hours - until the rice is separating and not sticky....... this is a critical step.
      Also have the wok very hot before you start cooking the fried rice - going for some of that wok "breath".

      1. Did you use leftover rice that had completely dried out? Make extra rice the next time you're having it and spread it out on a sheet pan until it's nice and dry. Or do this with leftovers from Chinese or Thai takeout. Fried rice is a great leftovers dish--throw in whatever's in your fridge.


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          THANKS! i definitely DID NOT dry out my rice. i cooked it the same night. i'll have to remember that for next time. also...does using a wok really make a difference...b/c i didn't have one available. yikes! no wonder it came out terrible.

          does anyone have some good recipes to share?

          thanks to everyone for all the tips!

        2. Hints:
          1. Cook rice in chicken broth with a bit of oil added (or use homemade broth with chicken fat).
          2. Keep refrigerated overnight.
          3. Be sure the cold rice is not lumpy.
          4. Do not use much oil or fat to cook the fried rice (chicken or beef fat is a good addtion).
          5. Have wok very hot when rice is added.
          6. Don't overstir when stuff is added. In fact, the best fried rice has a bit of a burnt taste.
          7. Do not overseason with soy...a very small amount of thick soy sauce is best.
          8. I always add a dash of Thai fish sauce before serving, instead of salt.

          1. Everyone's got it right.

            Cold rice from the fridge that is a day old is key.

            One thing, you might want to break up the rice while it's cold rather than doing it in the wok.

            Also, I think a wok is a good thing to have because nothing messes up your cooking range than a whole bunch of stray rice jumping out of your saute pan. A properly seasoned and heated wok will also give that elusive flavor us afficiandos call "Wok-hay".