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Aug 6, 2005 09:40 PM

dips for pita chips

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We'll be going over to a friend's house tomorrow night & I've offered to bring appetizers. I'd like to bring 2 types of dips w/baked pita chips. I already know how to do the chips, but am wondering if there are any suggestions for yummy dips out there. I'm thinking artichoke or spinach or sun-dried tomato.... I'm not a huge fan of hummus. Thanks in advance hounds!

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  1. From one of my favorite cookbooks, San Francisco Flavors, is a great recipe for a dip with toasted pita chips. I have made it many times with great success. Every recipe I have tried from this book has been really great. If you search you can view pages of the book and this recipe is available. It's the first recipe in the book, Greek salsa I think it's called. It uses feta cheese, cukes, tomatoes, etc. Very good. I highly recommend this whole book. I have given it as a gift many times.

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      Sounds delicious Pat, thank you! I've jotted down the recipe (found it right where you said it would be) & intend to make it tomorrow. Yum!