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Aug 4, 2005 02:03 PM

Help! Please see below

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Cooking dinner tonight for 6, 1 is on nutri-0systems & will only eat steamed veggie (plain), 1 on weight watchers and counting points. The others' no issues lol. I thought about grilling salmon with just some dry seasonings & having roasted veggies?? I for one prefer my roasted veggies with a bit of butter or EVOO, can't add that for dieters.
I am SOOO open to any suggestions, trying to do this inexpensively too! ?!??!?! Nothing has been purchased or set in stone yet.


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  1. As I recall, a teaspoon or less of butter or oil is zero points on the Weight Watcher's scale. Our WW leader in Nashville was an OO fanatic, in fact.

    If you toss the veggies with a tablespoon of oil for all six servings, that will be completely below the points radar. It's possible that this might have changed in the five years since my wife and I were both doing WW (and I was doing all the cooking), but I really doubt it.

    1. grilled salmon with a little garlic/dill or parsley & lemon juice is always good. (zero points for all condiments).

      I agree wtih will, go light on oil... a tablespoon amongst the 6 of you won't cause any damage. you can always serve this with brown rice cooked with broth too... if you want cheese, bread, etc. just put it on the side. people can choose what they want.

      I don't know about the nutri diet, but w.w. is very flexible. and portion size goes a long way towards reducing points. just let them serve themselves. besides, they are your guests... and really should be greatful for the efforts you are makign to accomodate them.

      oh yeah... and wine is the lowest points you can get for your alcohol. ;)

      1. What works for me, when I don't want to use a lot of oil, is to use a spray. Trader Joe has a Olive Oil Spray that I like. That way, you're just using a very thin coating.

        For dieters, mushroom is good. Maybe some baked portabellos? You don't even need to use oil, just season with some salt, pepper and maybe garlic.

        1. I guess this tip is too late, but if you ever have to cook for the same dieters:

          1 tsp oil or butter is 1 ww point.

          While most fake food (ie - mfd low or non fat products) is totally inedible, I finally found a much more acceptable substitute for the real thing than the usual WW recommended I Can't believe it's not butter (feh! and feh! again) - Land of Lakes Light Whipped Butter. Fellow WWs and others watching their intake(foodie, hound or not) have agreed. ONE POINT FOR A TABLESPOON. Can't bake or fry with it, but can use it to top veggies, etc. While you might not like it for your veggies, those dieting will probably thank you.

          It ain't butter, but...