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Aug 3, 2005 04:13 PM

We had garlic night

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Just a message about an enjoyable recent dinner.

A friend sent a message stating that she was able to get as much home-grown garlic as I could possibly want. I told her to get a lot and that we would have garlic night.

Two ziplock bags of garlic later we had the plan.

I roasted about two dozen heads of garlic. To accompany all this vampire repellant we got some crusty italian and multigrain bread, brie, provalone and some sap sago mixed with butter and some hard salami. My wife also made some dip made with romano cheese, olive oil, pepper flakes and (more) garlic. To wash it all down, a nice bottle of chianti.

It was a hit. The warm garlic cloves combined so nicely with all the cheeses. My wife (an unrepentant stinky cheese critic) even had a few ravings for the sap sago when spread over garlic.

What a great meal, and the most difficult preparation was removing the skins and trimming the garlic prior to roasting. Simple, easy, tasty, a great combination.

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  1. So, that sounds like heaven! I've got my bookclub Saturday night and my local grocery store's garlic is in fine shape. I'm inspired!

    1. In my garlic laden stupor I have neglected to mention that the previously mentioned garlic producing friend contributed even more to our wonderful evening. She made a delicious chocolate cake, loaded with walnuts and jack daniels. WHat a fabulous way to top off an evening.

      Mmmm, garlic, cheese, bread, wine, chocolate. My life is as complete as it can possibly be.

      1. Have you tried roasting garlic heads without peeling and trimming? Just cut the tops off the heads (about 1/4") and pour olive oil over and into the head. Wrap in foil and roast away, then just squeeze the individual cloves out of their skin.

        I just harvested nearly 200 heads of garlic, *for my own personal use*. Ought to last me and my husband until about April or May. : )

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        1. re: GG Mora

          I don't even do that, I just throw the whole head untouched into the oven while I'm baking potatoes or something.

          OO or butter does make it a little richer, though.

          1. re: GG Mora

            plus it is fun to cackle while saying "hatch, hatch my pretties"... while squeezing the little garlics segments out of the bulb.

            ahem... doesn't everyone do that?