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Aug 3, 2005 11:32 AM

what fruits to flambe besides banana?

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i successfully flambeed bananas the other night and i'm now ready to move on to other fruits!

any suggestions? nothing comes to me instinctively as a good fruit to flambe....

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  1. j
    Janet from Richmond

    Cherries :-)

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    1. peaches

      1. peaches, apricots

        1. You can flambe just about anything. In addition to the fruits already listed you might want to consider the citrus family --


          Most tropical fruits can be flambeed as well. Soak some figs in some port and set that on fire. I can't really think of a fruit that you probably couldn't flambe

          1. thnk you for the list of fruits to try - i haven't seen recipes for flambeed fruits other than banana and mangoes. i'll have to try all of these.