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Aug 3, 2005 11:26 AM

Ice cream sandwiches?

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Does anyone have a good cookie recipe to make ice cream sandwiches? I would think it would have to be a pretty stiff cookie, but also somewhat chewy? Martha had a recipe but it looked thin and crispy, would prefer something more substantial. Thanks!

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  1. I make them with chocolate chip cookies. The cookie doesn't have to be too stiff, just freeze the cookies first to keep them from crumbling when you make the sandwiches.

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    1. re: Junie D cream sandwiches. I actually do just the opposite. I let the ice cream sit out a bit and then put together the sandwiches. Then I freeze the entire sandwich. Whether it's homemade cookies or store bought, they always satisfy.

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        Hi - I make them with the oatmeal cookies on the Quaker Old Fashioned lid - add choc chips or peanut butter chips or nuts or whatever you like. I buy the icecream blocks, instead of tubs, and slice the ice cream to the thickness I want, then cut out rounds with a glass that's about the same size as the cookies - that way I don't have to squeeze the ice cream to get it to go to the edges. Then I have lots of ice cream "bits" to refreeze, and indulge in whenever I want, because I am "preventing waste" by using them up. Ha ha! Best wishes and enjoy!

    2. Costco cookies make great ice cream sandwiches. Just the right size and thickness and four flavors in the packages - YUM!

      1. Went to a Pennsylvania Dutch festival and they were making ice cream sandwiches w/waffles. Maybe something worth a try, they looked fantastic.

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          We used to go to the Bloomsburg Fair. The first place I always headed was the ice cream waffle sandwich stand. They used a waffle iron that made four rectangular waffles across. Then they slice the ice cream from rectangular pints. It is a perfect match.

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            That's how they used to make them at the Woolworth's lunch counter when I was a kid. Good stuff.

          2. The chocolate brownie cookies from Claudia Fleming's The Last Course is a good cookie for ice cream sandwiches. The recipe is available at Epicurious. The batter does require a full 15 minutes of beating.

            1. You could make brownies, but spread them out in a larger pan to make them thinner. Ben and Jerry's used to make excellent Brownie Ice Cream sandwiches.