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Aug 2, 2005 06:35 PM

Andouille... lots of andouille

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I was just gifted with over five pounds of the finest andouille by a friend from New Orleans. Other than use it in the obvious gumbos and other Cajun/Creole dishes or eat it straight, do you have any creative suggestions?

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  1. You mean aside from packing some up and sending it to me? ;-)

    In dirty rice with chicken livers and green onion. In a fritatta, chopped up, with avocado and wedges of Roma tomato - or if that's too much trouble just scramble the eggs. In a mess of beans. In a mess of GREEN beans. Cooked with some braised cabbage...

    Oh, the heck with it. Just send it to, never mind. Now I've got to go out and get some!

    1. Works great as an addition to chili.

      1. Living in the Land of None, I envy you. I don't care about how obvious this suggestion is. Make jambalaya! There are so many ways that ingredients can be combined for jambalaya, I'm sure you could be creative and include the andouille in the preparation. We, not being seafood people, make jambalaya with chicken thighs and kielbasa. The latter is used in lieu of andouille because it is not readily available where we live.

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          (weeping)...same here Land of None...there is only some horrible brand of packaged andouille sold in Publix here...there USED to be a little cute meat market behind a pet supply store here in Naples, FL that sold fresh andouille and other delightful fresh sausages and it was heavenly. Then, of course, they closed the darned place.

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            Joan Kureczka

            The place that my stash came from apparently ships:


        2. A great small Cajun restaurant in NYC serves Eggs Jambalaya for brunch. Basically it is scrambled eggs with andouille sausage, rice, onions, etc. Add a little hot sauce to it and serve it with some cornbread and you have a fine breakfast.

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            Hungry Celeste

            I don't know if these suggestions rank as creative; at my house, they're staple/obvious uses...but first, it freezes perfectly well, so don't worry about using it up quickly. Some brands of andouille lend themselves better to certain uses b/c of salt content, smokiness, firmness, etc, so have fun experimenting!
            --to flavor red beans or any other beans; also grilled to eat alongside your beans
            --sausage po'boys (slice the links lengthwise to fit on french bread)
            --in cornbread dressing, dirty rice, and boiled new potatoes
            --jambalaya and gumbo
            --diced small in garlic mashed potatoes (which are good the next day as an omelet filling
            --in snap beans, blackeyed peas, crowder/field peas, or smothered cabbage