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Aug 2, 2005 06:17 PM

Lobster Salad?

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I was fortunate to be in my market at the right time and got as freshly steamed 2 lb. lobster at an excellent price.

I was picking al of the meat out prior to making lobster salad for dinner tonight and got to thinking that I always make it the same way and got to wondering about other recipes. What I use is pretty much like what you would get on some lobster rolls. Mayo, celery, chopped onion, lemon salt and pepper. It does not over power the flavor of the lobster and is pretty good but I am wondering......what is your favorite lobster salad recipe?

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  1. My recipe is almost exactly like yours except for the addition of a pinch of Old Bay Seasoning and a tad bit of grated lemon rind. I think the more simple, the better with lobster, crab or shrimp salad.

    1. Chive, lemon or lime juice, seasoned rice vinegar, salt, pepper and some good olive oil.

      1. Mayo, a wee bit of celery, a REALLY wee bit of tarragon, salt & pepper.

        1. I've always been a fan of a touch of celery, s+p, celery salt, lemon and some mayo to hold it all together. i serve it on top of a piece of lettuce on boston style hot dog rolls. I really like the celery salt-reminds me of lobster rolls in maine!

          1. I love the one from my favorite lobster cookbook - "Lobster at Home" by Jasper White. He uses diced seeded cucumbers,scallions, and homemade tarragon mayonnaise, finished off with sea salt. (He also has a recipe for the classic New England Hot Dog buns -- some day I'll try that.)