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Aug 2, 2005 01:20 PM

Hummus and wraps

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Today at Costco I bought some roasted red pepper and jalapeno hummus and some whole wheat flatbread. I made a wrap with the hummus and some tomato for lunch and it was very good but I'm trying to think of other thing to try. I hummus but I'm not very good at being creative with it.

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  1. First thing I thought of was spread the hummus on the wrap, place spinach leaves and sliced cukes on top of the hummus, sprinkle grated carrots on top, and roll it up.

    Or what about some thinly sliced chicken and chopped tomatoes and avocado? Or some chicken and sugar snap peas for some crunch?

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    1. re: Linda W.
      Janet from Richmond

      Those are all good ideas. I can go to the salad bar at Ukrops at lunch and get different fillings depending on my mood (they usually have feta cheese also)and it would be a good use of leftover chicken. The tomato was very good and I used lots. I'm going to be sad when the good tomatoes are gone.

    2. i like to make a garden/veggie burger, then put it in flatbread with hummus, shredded carrots, cucumber, and plain yogurt. Sometimes I add feta if I have it on hand.