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Aug 2, 2005 11:08 AM


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Anyone have a tried & true recipe for a strawberry gelato?

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  1. Sorry to see your post hanging here all alone. Frankly, I think The Collective Chowhound Ice Cream Mind is still working on the perfect plain gelato recipe. Strawberry's probably far, far into the future. Join the experimenting and post back with results! I'm totally interested in successes and failures.

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    1. re: nooodles

      Right on, nooodles, I'm still working on vanilla gelato and can't even throw out a good guess for fruit versions. In fact, if I were going to do something w/ fruit like strawberry, I would be inclined to make sorbet/sorbetto instead of a creamy gelato.

      To the OP: I came across a strawberry gelato recipe on Epicurious in my research that I linked below. It's not tried and true, but like nooodles said, please experiment w/ any recipe and let us know your results. Even though the recipe is called gelato, it seems more like sorbet given that there's no milk or cream. Good luck!


      1. re: Carb Lover

        Keep up the research, Carb Lover! I'm waiting for the ultimate vanilla gelato report! (oh, just thought of how good that would be on Sir Gawain's fruit cake--drool)


    2. Last week's food section here in New Orleans profiled our local 100-year-old gelato place, Angelo Brocato's. In the interest in furthering the gelato research on this board, here's the article, plus recipe for pistachio gelato. Not strawberry, but maybe the technique will help? If the article is moved, I have a copy of the recipe.


      1. Thanks to all. I am going to try the Epicurious recipe; will let you know.