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Aug 2, 2005 10:58 AM

Lumpy Frozen Yogurt--What am I Doing Wrong?

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Naturally, I can't remember where I got this recipe, Epicurious, I think...not sure. Anyway, it calls for an egg and cornstarch. you bring the milk (w/chocolate, cocoa, and sugar) to a simmer, add the beaten egg and two tsp cornstarch and stir til a custard forms. then you take it off the heat and add 1c yogurt. let cool, put in ice-cream maker and etc. But the custard always ends up a bit lumpy and the frozen end product has these hard lumps. I really do think I'm stirring but perhaps I'm missing something or just not doing it right? I know there's a ton of ice cream mavens out there, so please help!

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  1. Did you pass the custard through a fine strainer before you mixed it with the yogurt? That should get rid of most of the lumps.

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      You should mix the cornstarch with a bit of the milk to form a slurry so it disperses properly when you add it to the hot liquid. Or you could sift it with the cocoa and sugar then stir in the milk before heating to eliminate lumps. Or maybe it's just a screwy recipe.

      1. Silly question, but are you using a whisk? Proper tools can make all the difference. And advice on the straining and making cornstarch slurry are right on.

        1. I have never attempted frozen yogurt before, but here are my thoughts:

          1. Are you tempering your egg before adding to hot milk? This means that you should first add a little hot milk to your egg and quickly whisk. This brings the egg up to a warmer temp. so that it doesn't scramble when added to the hot milk.

          2. Agree that you should make a cornstarch "slurry" w/ a little cold milk that can be deducted from the hot milk mixture. This will prevent lumps.

          3. When you add yogurt, you should whisk to break up any lumps. In fact, make sure the yogurt isn't ice cold and perhaps temper and whisk the yogurt first like I suggested w/ the egg before adding to hot custard. Higher fat yogurt will give more creamy results. Non-fat will add to iciness.

          4. Before or after chilling, strain through sieve to get out any lumps before churning.

          This should help, but frankly, I think that homemade frozen yogurt will naturally be a little more coarse and def. can't be as creamy as commercial fro yo. Good luck and let us know how your next attempt goes!

          1. Thanks for the advice! I was using a whisk, yes. However, had no idea about tempering the egg, nor making a slurry (should've known the latter, as once I had to make a recipe that called for a slurry to thicken a sauce, d'oh!). I made it again last night and now wish I'd waited til today, to read your posts!! Well, back at it again, tho probably not til later in the week... will definitely report back on Monday to say how it went. Thanks, guys! Knew I could count on CH!!