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Aug 1, 2005 10:41 PM

ISO a recipe for Kusheri

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It is a middle eastern dish comprised of what I think is a lentil or kasha pilaf, macaroni and a delightful aromatic brothy/sauce. I googled the name but I was hoping someone might have a tried and true recipe. Thanks

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    Das Ubergeek

    That sounds an awful lot like kasha varnishkes to me, honestly -- only you use bowtie pasta instead of elbow macaroni.

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      Your kasha varnishkas have (has?) a frothy sauce? What kind of sauce is it?

      1. re: Tatania
        Das Ubergeek

        I wouldn't call it frothy, but it does have an egg in it, and chicken broth.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          So it's wet, is it? Mine has egg and chicken broth, as well, but all the liquid is cooked in; the outcome is pilaf-y rather than soup-y.

          1. re: Tatania

            Which is the way it's supposed to be. In my youth, there were dairy restaurants in Brooklyn (I doubt they still exist) that served it with a cream of mushroom sauce, which was damn good. My effort at re-creation somewhat later and before I knew anything about cooking consisted of a sauce made from Cambell's Cream of Mushroom soup. In retrospect, the only appropriate description is "feh!"
            And, of course, if you serve it with pot roast, the gravy doesn't hurt.

            1. re: JRL

              Thanks, JRL, for confirming my impression.

              I always serve w/pot roast (and saurkraut), and in fact use the braising liquid in the kasha. Lately I've been tucking in some carmelized onion & sauteed mushroom, as well, which makes your mushroom sauce memory especially interesting.

    2. The dish you are looking for is called Koshary (also koshri/koshari and sometimes even rishta, although rishta just means "noodle"). It is common in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and probably elsewhere too.

      It is macaroni and lentils with a spiced tomato broth, and maybe also rice or chickpeas or kasha à votre préférence.

      There are many recipes on Google, and I remember that the new Joy of Cooking has a good one too.

      Egyptian Koshary

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      1. re: plum

        Thank you for setting me straight with the correct spelling. I found a recipe I liked plus a couple of others I can noodle with. It's one of those dishes that doesn't sound like much until you try it. Thanks again.