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Aug 1, 2005 09:47 PM

Uses for Maggi Seasoning?

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I picked up a bottle last week and have used it in a few sauces. What are other good uses for it, is it good in a marinade?

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  1. Yes, it works in a marinade. Use it like you would soy sauce, or in addition to soy sauce - eg. for stirfrying meat/veg, making Cantonese braised soy sauce chicken or pork shoulder, to season fried rice or noodles. It's also used in Banh Mi (Vietnamese po'boys).

    1. This is something my dutch Mom always has on hand, a product they use a lot in Holland. She uses it to flavor a gravy that isn't quite right and also uses it in soups. It's also used in Nasi Goreng which is made a lot in Holland.

      1. Filipino fried rice with maggi and butter, topped with sliced tomato. Yes!

        1. I don't know about this seasoning but the Maggi "Cooking Soy Sauce" is fantastic. Intense soy flavor and VERY LOW sodium, Throw out that Kikkoman!
          I tried to buy it on but a case min.

          1. Hello,
            I am cooking a Thai omelette and the recipe calls for Maggi Seasoning. I do not have this in my pantry and will endeavour to buy this when shopping next. Do you know whether anything can be substituted ie. other herbs or spices?



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              I'd just use a light soy sauce.