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smooth top stove

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whats the best way to clean a smooth top electric stove? If water boils over (or anything else) it burns on to the surface and is a pain to get off. They say not to use anything abrasive. Am I doing something wrong or is this just what I have to deal with?

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  1. My mom has one and she uses simply soapy water and a strong arm, hers always looks like new and I know it has seen it's share of boil overs and things like it, I just spent 3 weeks cooking on it and I am used to gas!

    1. We had a ceramic stove top for several years and used the cream product in the attached url. The site describes "Stove Top" cleaner as a product of the appliance manufacturer, but we have found it at our local True Value hardware store. Worked quite well.... sometimes with a lot of elbow grease.

      Link: http://web.appliance411.com/faq/cookt...

      1. There's a special cleaning product called Cerama-Brite for smooth-tops...that's what I've used and the GE smoothtop I bought came with a small bottle of it.

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          I have been using this product lately, it does work but smells terrible.

          If you can find Orange Power Paste - that stuff they used to sell on TV - It works THE BEST for cleaning ceramic top stoves. It works better than cerama-brite and you won't have to scrub as hard. This stuff will even remove that brownish ring that forms around the burners. I can no longer find this miracle cleaner in my stores but it might still be available online.

        2. When something boils over try to clean up the spill immediately because the more it gets burned on, the harder it will be to remove, and if it's sugar the situation will be even more desperate. Also, keep a single-edged razor blade handy and use it to scrape off as much as you can of a spill after the stove cools. For polishing purposes use one of the creams suggested in this thread. Note of caution: I once set down a hot lid on the ceramic stove top; it formed such a tight suction that it cracked the ceramic and I had to replace the whole top. Set a hot lid down so that part of it is over the edge and air can get up under it.

          1. Whoever thought of these things should be shot. They are a small step up from electric coils but yeesh I hate mine.

            The upside is that it frustrated me so much I finally broke down and bought a nice Zojirushi rice cooker.

            1. I never had a problem cleaning my smooth top stove. In fact I found it very easy to keep it clean. You have to clean the top every time something spills as soon as it cools down enough. If you spill something and try to clean it the next day maybe it will be stuck on.

              1. Don't have (WOULDN'T have!) a smoothtop stove, but I do have a black glass hot tray that gets deposits of extremely resistant crud, probably because SoCal water is so incredibly hard. I've found that this is yet another problem that Barkeeper's Friend can solve. I spread a paste of BKF over the deposits and let it sit for maybe fifteen minutes, then scour at it with a green scrubber pad.

                1. Well, you can always take my approach--I ripped the darn thing out one month after installing it and replaced it with a conventional coil cooktop. Between old beloved cookware that wasn't flat enough or whatever enough to satisfy the persnickety cooktop, and the cleaning aggravation (hard water leaving streaks), and the fear that I'd crack the cooktop with some overly enthusiastic pan slamming, the thing drove me berserk. I don't get the appeal, except that some people seem to want a stove that doesn't look like a stove? I put these in the category of improvements that don't improve anything, along with electric can openers.

                  1. My advise would be to use a crowbar.

                    Wedge it under the front and pry will all your might.

                    Pull the whole unit off, take it ouside, and then put it in the box where your new gas rangetop was.