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Aug 1, 2005 06:13 PM

New (to me) beef cut

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It's "Rancher's Reserve Beef Chuck Top Blade Steak Boneless" -three 2x4" pieces - one lb total. Would you treat like steak or stew meat or ??

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  1. I love blade steaks! I don't know the origin of this cut, but to me it's the cheapest steak that still tastes good cooked the way you would cook a good ribeye.

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      1. re: nooodles

        Agree with nooodles, it's a great tasting steak (aka flat iron steak).

        There's a simple grilled recipe at the bottom of the linked page plus other interesting info on the cut. Good luck!


        1. re: petradish

          Thanks for the info, all -- I'm looking forward to trying it. Is this the cut they use for steak frites?

        2. re: nooodles

          You're right, a simple quick saute did the trick!