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Jul 30, 2005 03:01 PM

Steak with Chocolate Sauce

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I was on Paris about 10 years ago and have been searching for a recipe...Filet Mignon with Chocolate sauce. It was I believe probably a bitter sweet chocolate no spices that I can identify, it was sweet but not too sweet and didn't over power the meat. I have never been able to find anything like this...any recipes to share?

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  1. Any chance that was a chocolate chile sauce, like Oaxacan mole negro? Or perhaps a chef influenced by the riches of mexican cuisine . . .

    1. Michael Chiarello did a whole meal with every dish having chocolate in it, and it looked great. His recipe is actually a pork tenderloin with a cocoa spice rub which is not exactly what you're looking for, but it still looks really good!


      1. Didn't that Nigella person give a recipie like this in the food section of the New York Times just a few weeks ago? You can search their website. I thought it looked gross but probably only because I don't like her shtick (now I don't want to start something here with her fans, I don't think she's a shoe exactly, she just rubs me the wrong way).