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reposted from Philly board (plake)

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Does anyone know the (Greek) fish dish "plake"?

I saw it listed in a Greek festival ad (missed the festival, so did not see in person), and thought it would be a cinch to google up. Yet I get only dribs and drabs. I also tried playing with the spelling a bit - "pilake", "polake", "palake" and a few others - but to no avail.

What few googlits I do get lead me to suspect it might just be the WORD for fish, and that some affixed word might be critical. "Psari plake" shows up in a number of results. Yet still no clear pages/recipes.

Alternatively, someone on the original board suggested it might just mean "plate".

So...if the festival is using the word incorrectly, would come Hellenophile here please point me toward what dish is most likely indicated? Online recipe and restaurant serving it (Philly) both appreciated!

Thank you.

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  1. Is this the sort of recipe you were looking for? This was from a google search.

    Link: http://www.recipezaar.com/10559

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      No, that's not it.

      But thanks anyway.