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Jul 30, 2005 10:52 AM

budget lunches

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I'm trying to save money on lunches--what I did this week is brought a package of hummus, tomatos, and went out to buy a fresh roll each day. This totally worked--but I am done with hummus and tomato sandwiches for at least a few weeks. Any suggestions for easy and vegetarian and inexpensive lunches for the work week?


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  1. How about lentils or black beans? You could make some curried lentils on Sunday and bring them to work. Black bean burritos are very good too. Lately I've been on a roasted eggplant and chickpea kick with moroccan spices, also easy to make on Sunday and use during the week, but since you just did the hummus, you might be looking for something other than chickpeas. There's also a thread if you scroll down about Asian noodle salads, also easy to make on Sunday and use during the week.

    1. For summer, it's nice to have a Farro salad.
      Just take the farro, boil it al dente, drain and mix with chopped veggies and herbs, salt pepper, olive oil, etc. Addictive and tupperware friendly.
      check your health food and Italian stores (or you can get it at fancy-schmanzy gourmet shops.)


      1. I'll buy turkey legs when on sale; good hot or cold. I do boneless chicken breasts, egg, seasoned flour, then parmesan. Also makes good cold sandwiches.

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          oops that is parmesan and bread crumbs

        2. Peanut butter and pimento cheese (buy a small carton or make your own). You can still buy a roll everyday, but alternate what you eat with it. On the days when you eat pimento cheese on the roll, take an apple and slice it to spread the peanut butter on, next day eat peanut butter on the roll, and bring celery ribs to eat with the pimento. You could also do a pimento wrap with green leaf lettuce.