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Jul 29, 2005 11:42 PM

Raspberry dressing for greens?

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I'm serving a salad tomorrow- just greens, pine nuts and shaved parmesan. I was just going to dress with oil and balsamic vinegar and then I started thinking about some pureed raspberries I've got in the fridge. I was wondering if anyone had any salad dressings that used pureed raspberries- or fresh, because I've got bushes full of them.

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  1. Not entirely helpful for tomorrow, but...

    In summer I will make a raspberry purree that is strained of seeds. Then soak the seeds and whatever skins, etc in white wine vinegar to make raspberry vinegar. Works great in winter with the tangerine family.

    As to tomorrow, maybe some R. puree (strained) mixed with lemon juice. You really need the acid that lemon juice or vinegar provides, but letting the acid and fruit mix for a day might work.

    1. No exact recipe, but I would think that strained raspberry puree and champagne vinegar would match well w/ your salad ingredients. Just add EVOO and S&P to round out the vinaigrette. Add a pinch of sugar if it needs some sweetness. Alternatively, sherry or red wine vinegar should work too.

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        Whatever dressing I use when I want Raspberry Vinaigrette, I add Raspberry Vinegar too. So maybe you should macerate some vinegar with your raspberries for future use. It's great to add to salad with gorgonzola, pears and candied walnuts.

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          Thanks- this is what I ended up doing. I used sherry vinegar and kalamata EVOO because that's what I had on hand- maybe a half cup of each, and then about 3/4 cup of raspberry puree. I added a pinch of sugar, some dijon mustard and salt and pepper, and then picked some whole raspberries to toss in with the salad, which was a mix of romaine, greal leaf lettuce and arugula, with pine nuts and shaved parmesan. I really liked the way it turned out!

          I also took the seeds and other stuff and mixed it into some white vinegar so I can get some raspberrry vinegar out of the deal. Any idea how long to let that sit?

          Thanks for the suggestions!

          1. re: Chris VR

            Sounds delicious; thanks for the report back. I've never tasted kalamata EVOO before...sounds interesting. I don't know the answer to your vinegar question, but I bought 3 pints of raspberries from the farmer's market today and can't wait to make pavlova for dessert tonight! Will hopefully have a report after the weekend...

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              The Kalamata EVOO is good- tastes a bit on the bitter side to me, but not so much that I don't like it.

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              How long to let it sit?
              Minimum of a week. Maximum doesn't exist. The seeds do lose their color and turn grayish, but I've left them for years due to lazyness. When I give as a gift, or bring to use at someone else's house, I strain.

              My recollection is about three weeks is how long it takes to fully flavor the vinegar but at one week it already smelled and tasted very noticeably.

          2. ".. raspberries- or fresh, because I've got bushes full of them."

            Gosh, I wish I had your problem! I love raspberries, and it's painful to pay so much for them at the supermarket when I want to make pavlova. If you need any help with picking them..... (I believe you're in eastern MA as well)

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              I sent you an email.