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Jul 18, 2005 09:45 AM

Knives, especially L. C. Germain knives

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Someone gave me a set of knives bearing the stamp L. C. Germain, and asked me to give them to someone who would like them.

Before I do that, I'd like to know if these are regarded as high-quality knives. They certainly look like it, and they look substantial. But I have not been able to learn much about them.

Anyone have any info on them?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I received a set of them when I got married 25 years ago. I used them and thought they were sufficient, until I tried a good Henkel's chef's knife. I immediately ran out and replaced the whole set, since I finally understood what high quality knives were -- not LC Germain -- or at least the set I had. They looked nice and were better than my mom's growing up, but they couldn't hold an edge and just didn't have the weight and feel and sharp edge of a good German knife.

      Since then, I've tried others including Wusthoff and Shun, and I never again thought about those LC Germains, which went for a few dollars at the next garage sale. Maybe there are different lines, as the other manufacturers have multiple lines that range in price, but I would not call them high quality. They are about the minimum low end for knife set.

      1. I totally disagree with RC. I also received my knives for my wedding. I've used my L C Germaine knives for over 48 years. They are sharp, able to be easily sharpened at home and I just found some at an estate sale and grabbed them up. I have fallen for Henkels and others occasionally but they have been given away. I love my L.C Germaines.

        1. I totally *AGREE* with Joann66. I really like my 30+ year old L.C. Germain knife set as well. Perhaps the ones that are less that 30 years old are not so good.

          1. I have had a set for 35 years. Nice knives but not expensive. Was $110 for the set with block. I do need to replenish a few that were broken.
            If you are still looking for someone to give them to I would love to have them. Have not replaced mine due to no money to do so. My email is:
   if I could have them please.