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Jul 18, 2005 01:52 AM

anyone have a recipe for Azifa (spicy cold Ethiopian Lentil Salad?)

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This is one of my favorite dishes at Ethiopian restaurants, but I can only find ONE recipe on the internet and it didn't taste authetic/the way I like. It seems so simple: lentils, lemon or lime juice, peppers, onions, mustard.... It is so great that I'm craving it once a week in the summer, but would love to create it at home if possible.


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  1. I've often made the recipe Madhur Jaffrey lists in her World Vegetarian Book, and it's quite good.

    It's similar to what you have on that link. I use the dePuy lentils, they hold up best to cooking, transferring, and tossing with vinaigrette.

    For the actual vinaigrette, dont' use mustard powder. Toast brown mustard seeds until fragrant. Grind finelly (mortar and pestle, food processor) and mix with ground ginger and some grated fresh, lemon juice, and a little olive oil (a bit of variation here, i know). along with lentils, she adds finely diced (not bigger than the lentils) green bell pepper (which i omit, i can't stand the buggers), and green onion or red onions. Salt and pepper to taste. I always diced jalapenos in lieu of peppers, but in lesser quantity, of course.

    I've actually used these as a filling for artichoke bottoms to serve at a party, lightly doused with thick greek yogurt. And it is quite good as a rough sauce for pasta when hot.

    1. Here's a link to one I found using

      Haven't tried it, so no guarantees from me as to authenticity, but it sounds somewhat like what you're looking for.

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