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Jul 17, 2005 06:03 PM

Dutch oven as breadbox?

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Is there any reason I would not want to use an enameled cast iron dutch oven as a breadbox when I'm not using it for cooking?

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  1. Breathing problems - your Dutch oven is pretty much airtight, so your bread will be more likely to mold faster, unless you have a very cool, dry place to keep it.

    Keeping bread, especially in warm weather, is a major problem in our house, since the two of us don't eat that much, but need to have it around. Any that I'm not going to use right away gets frozen in a gallon Ziplock (squeeze as much air out as possible), then is thawed and kept in the Zip in the fridge while we use it. Not a totally satisfactory thing, since it's always in a state of suspended staleness, but it's either that or lose three-quarters of our bread to spoilage.

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      I guess I could keep the lid a bit ajar and put an icepack (like one of those blue ice cooler thingies) in with it...

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        I always slice bread after it is completely cool, then put it in plastic bags and freeze it. If you take out the frozen slices and let them come to room temp naturally, they are virtually as good as fresh bread. If I'm making sandwiches to take along for eating later, I just make the sandwiches right on the frozen slices, plastic wrap them, and leave them at room temperature until I'm ready to eat.