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Jul 17, 2005 02:29 PM

Low Carb Blackberry Recipe Please

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Bought some of my wife's favorite, blackberries. Looked big and super fresh at the grocery store. She is on a low carb diet. Any one have any low carb recipes, please?


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  1. There is a Blackberry Buttermilk panna cotta recipe at Epicurious that would be good. Substitute Splenda for the sugar, I have found that Splenda is overly sweet and I use about 1/2 to 1/3 of what the recipe calls for. It will be a lovely low carb dessert, just don't bother with the syrup.

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      You could make a low carb clafouti with them - I believe there's a recipe either in the Atkins book or on their website. I made it once with some other fruit and it was quite tasty.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Partially freeze the blackberries then pour straight cream on them. The cream will freeze in little bits in places. awesome. who needs sugar or fake sweeteners or fake pastry for that?

        1. re: Betty

          I was not aware that a panna cotta had pastry, fake or otherwise, and with the abundance of the fake berries on the market by the Driscoll company which look like berries and occasionally smell like them, some sort of sweetner is needed because they don't taste like much of anything. I think they took their genetic engineering lessons from the developers of the red not-delicious apple.

          1. re: Poodle Mama

            Alrighty then, i'll just dump those driscol blackberries down the disposal. :)

            So you're saying drisol did to berries what pace did to jalapenos?

            1. re: chileheadmike

              Exactly! Taste them to see if they are worth doing anything with. Mostly you will find out they are not worth it, just plumpo and bitteror sour. Try to find a local grower who has berries with real flavor, scrawny or as ill-shpen as they might be. Driscolls=spawn of satan

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                Well, I must have had a moment of weakness., Grow my own 'maters and chiles ( bite into a store bought jalapeno and then one of the Biker Billy's out of my garden and see if you can tell the difference, after a six pack and a half hour or so :) ) My wife's parents used to grow blackberries, hoping these have some semblance.

    2. Zabaglione... egg yolks, sweetener and marsala wine whisked constantly and cooked slowly in a double boiler over barely-simmering water.

      Once it coats the back of a spoon ("nappé"), chill it and pour it over the blackberries.

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        I've made this with Splenda and it tasted pretty good.