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Jul 17, 2005 01:05 PM

Cooking frozen fish?

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I bought some frozen monkfish fillets from Trader Joe's. I was wondering, can I cook them frozen, or should I thaw them first? I like to bake fish fillets, typically at 400 degrees F. for approx. 30 minutes (depending on how thick they are). Any cooking tips appreciated, thanks!

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  1. I would thaw them first.

    1. I buy frozen fish all the time and thaw it in milk before I cook it. It seems to help with any fishiness if there is any and seems to help with the thawing process.

      1. Ooh! TJ's now has monkfish?

        I'm in the first thaw/defrost camp.

        1. I would defrost them first (just throw the sealed vacuum package in cool water for a quick thaw, if needed), and then only cook them for 10 minutes per inch of thickness -- 30 minutes would be way too long.

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            Yeah. Recipes I've used for baking fish in parchment call for 10 - 12 min. at 425.

          2. Check out this website!! Pretty cool, huh?