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Jul 17, 2005 12:11 PM

Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

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So I just got a Lodge Logic pre-seasoned skillet and I really want to try it out. But I'm scared!

According to the Lodge website, it says to just rinse it out with hot water, dry thoroughly and then oil or spray with cooking oil before using.

I have 2 steaks that I'm planning to cook for the maiden voyage tomorrow. Is there anything else I need to know about a pre-seasoned pan?


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  1. I have a Lodge pre-seasoned pan. I followed the directions as your summarized, and never had a problem. When I'm done cooking I just rinse it out and give it a spritz of cooking spray before I put it away.

    Good Luck!

    1. I never grease the skillet for panbroiling steaks anyway, except for perhaps a rubdown of the fully-heated pan with with some trimmed-off steak fat. The pan does have to be really hot before the meat touches it, and the steaks should be at or near room temp, and DRY. I like mine fairly rare, while Tania wants hers practically still breathing, so I put mine in for about 4 minutes (for a 1-inch steak), then turn it and put hers in, then turn hers 2 minutes per side.

      Then I take mine out, then hold her plate next to the skillet and whistle ;-)

      1. You're good to go. Let 'er rip!!

        1. fyi -- i love cast iron for salmon filets, which i rub with olive oil and season with cracked pepper. i get the pan smoking hot on top of the stove, then put the filets in, skin side down. when the edges of the salmon start to turn opaque, turn the filets, the turn off the heat and cover. i've found this a foolproof way to cook salmon. the residual heat from the pan is just enough to finish cooking the fish without drying it out.