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Jul 16, 2005 02:14 PM

Curly Fry Maker

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I know that there's a fancy name for them such as "rouet' or "bruet" but whatever they are called, can anyone point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a good but reasonable priced one. I've seen them listed for around the $300 range but that's a little rich for my blood. Tried e-bay; no luck. Please help - my grandkids will worship you!
Any cooking suggestions would be also appreciated.

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  1. Bob, not sure if this will work, but go look for garnishing tools.

    I have a kit - as yet unopened that has a spiral slicer and a twin curl cutter, both look like they'll do the job.

    This kit with 5 tools cost $19.99.

    May take a lot more work than that $300 job, but hey have the grandkids help and have fun!

    Hope at least this will give you a start.

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      Sorry, forgot to post a link. It has been a very long week!


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        Hungry Celeste

        My mother has an electric curly fry cutter made by Presto called the "Tater Twister". Probably cost $20 brand new at a discount store....I'm sure you can find one on eBay for far less than that! All of her grandchildren love the thing, as much for its name as for the curly fries it cranks out.


    2. Just do a google for curly potato slicer and you'll find some very reasonable gadgets.

      1. I bought one of the commerical hand cranked ones on Ebay used. If you wait long enough you can get one for maybe $100. Just set it up as a favorite search and be patient - one will pop up. Still sounds like a lot of money, but the fact is - it's a wonderful device. I've never tried one of the cheaper consumer tools, but I suspect that they stink.

        I just had a party where I made curly fries for 40 - the machine was wonderful! Even for a single potato it's an extremely satisfying device.

        The nice thing about curly fries is that you really don't need to peel the potatoes - the peel gets much more evenly distributed than it would with other cutting methods, and therefore it is less obtrusive to the final result. Also, they really are much more fun and pleasing to eat.

        Once you go curly, you'll never go back!