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Best foods for heartburn?

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So embarrassing. Overdid the bad eating, and am experiencing slight heartburn for the first time in my life.

I know to stay away from acidic foods: coffee (time to try that cold-brewed?), alcohol, tomatoes, garlic, onion, citrus, large amounts of herbs, etc.

So what DO I eat? I'm just trying to be really good for a few days. My ideas are dairy and steel cut oats, noodles (sans tomato sauce), soups, meats. Am I on the right track? What about tea? Is there something people have eaten that actually makes them feel better?

WebMD wasn't too helpful on this subject. Nor was a standard Google search. They all seem to focus on what not to eat. TIA!

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  1. The one suggestion I can make on the garlic front is what I do for my husband - I roast or saute the garlic first, then use it as I regularly would. For example, with pesto, I saute the garlic cloves in the oil that I'm going to use, let them cool, and make the pesto with garlic and that oil. In some dishes, I'll discard the cloves and just use the garlic flavored oil. This seems to prevent heartburn from raw garlic.

    1. I would avoid dairy, too, except for yogurt. Have you tried an antacid? Soda crackers? gingerale? club soda?

      I've also read raw almonds work for some people.

      1. Almonds do work. I had heartburn during the latter stages of pregnancy and munching on a few almonds really helped. I was impressed.

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          i would not eat almonds. i have had heartburn/gerd for over a year and a half and i am on medications and well aware of what i can and can not eat now. too much intake of fat can cause heartburn, there fore almonds are not a good choice due the excessive amount of fat in them, even though it is a good fat, not good for heartburn

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            Do you realize that this posting was done 15Jul05? However, I'm seeing it for the 1st time.

            I worked as a clinical trials statistician for a pharmaceutical company before retiring 16 years ago. One of my projects was to analyze data for an antacid product. My company was not happy with me when I declared that I got relief from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) by just drinking ice cold water.

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              The OP even predates me on CH! ChiliDude, I've found that eating a pickle helps me. Go figure. I've read that antacids actually cause the stomach to overcompensate.

        2. My doctor laughs at me. i've tried tons of medication, nothing works as well as some dry shredded mini wheats. :)

          1. Actually chewing a piece of gum is very helpful for me.

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              withalonge (fka megan)

              chewing actually stimulates acid production in your stomach.

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                I totally agree. As explained to me by my doctor, chewing gum causes one's salivary glands to produce saliva, which is relatively non-acidic, and induces swallowing, which tends to "rinse" the affected parts of the esophagus, and to push acid back down toward the stomach (which is designed for such things). The only caveat is that mint can make acid reflux worse for some people, so I was advised to chew a non-mint flavored gum. (Cinn-A-Burst is my fav; love those flavor crystals!)

              2. Few people know this but bananas are a natural antacid - my mother has bad heartburn/reflux. She drinks aloe juice to repair her throat from the reflux (you obviously don't need to do that) and she eats one banana every night before going to bed. If I eat something that gives me heartburn and don't feel like breaking out the Tums - I eat a banana. That and LOT'S of water - the water dilutes the acid. Drink the water at a moderate pace, don't glug glug glug it down.

                Heartburn sucks, doesn't it?

                1. It's downright bizarre, but nothing settles my stomach better than reduced-fat pringles. I don't understand why, and frankly I don't care (as I love them to itty bits), but they work brilliantly.

                  1. Skim milk is the best emergency food. Just like a pack of Tums but really quick.

                    If I'm having a bout, protien is good. Sushi is best.

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                      I have the opoosite experience with protein (though not sushi specifically). Makes my hearburn worse.

                    2. My first choice would be "white" foods such as mashed potatoes, boiled chicken, rice, etc. My Doc advocates the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.

                      1. Heartburn, acid reflux, I got them all! I found that there really isn't any food item you cannot eat. What cause my pain is mainly stress. The type that even prescriptions couldn't help. The doctor said: "no coffee (not the caffine, some acid in there that's bad for your stomach), no alcohol, and no stress. I went w/o coffee and alcohol for several years but the pain continued. It stopped when I got out of a very stressful job. I'm now @ a low stress job, back on coffee and alcohol, eat whatever I like (and I like acidic food), and rarely have heartburn. And when I do, I do reach for the antacid.

                        1. I used to have bad acid problems. When it was really bad, bananas and plain toast with butter helped and bananas are still my emergency mainstay. Or plain rice and chicken broth. Cream of wheat cereal was better than oatmeal. Chamomile tea alone, or mixed with a not overly-pepperminty mint (let it only steep with the mint for a little bit).

                          For protein, peanut or almond butter on the toast worked well for me.

                          Good luck! Hope it's not too severe. Also a good tip in general is to always have a "little something" with you so that you can eat something every hour or two - letting your stomach get too empty in between meals helps the acid take over.

                          By all means avoid soda pop and coffee.

                          1. I just eat a couple of Tums on the rare occasions that I get heartburn.

                            Fritos are what usually give me heartburn. Tortilla chips, potato chips, potatoes in general, and mustard are foods that I suspect give me trouble, but the effects of those aren't clear-cut enough for me to say for sure.

                            1. Papaya. Fix you right up.