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Jul 13, 2005 01:32 PM

side dish for green squash for summer bbq

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Hi all... am having a bunch of family over at the end of the month for an annual bbq. mostly in-laws who think a bbq with lots of meat is a good one. so we're grilling up a big tri-tip.

I have a plethora of squash in my garden so I wanted to make an interesting side dish to go with food... something somewhat medditeranean... maybe with a little cheese? maybe a tart or quiche or strata? most everything is make ahead so far, so I could take some time with this one. I welcome any suggestions to the menu too.

here is the menu so far.. trying to focus of seasonal yummy stuff:

olive tapenade, tomato bruschetta, krissywats rosemary crackers & mild cheeses & some asiago cheese toasts. hope to serve light beer & prosecco.

roast tri tip (garlicky)
steamed corn
spinach salad w/ sun gold tomatoes, bacon, hard boiled eggs, toasted pecans w/ roasted red pepper/sherry/shallot vinaigrette. am thinking of a light pinot to serve with this.

I'm thinking peach pie or cobbler... something I can throw together easily... and bake fresh after dinner. i.e. roll pie crust and chill, same with fruit. then just slap together and bake.

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  1. I like to layer thin slices of mixed summer squash, red onion and tomato, lightly seasoning each layer with S&P and whatever herb is most appealing at the time, then drizzle olive oil over everything and put in a hot oven until I think it's done enough. If I don't want to mess with the oven, I just use the same ingredients and saute them in my big-bellied nonstick pan, then cover and cook gently until everything sorta melts together.

    I also like to make sure there's a bit left over - it makes a great pasta sauce for lunch.

    1. Your menu looks great- lucky family!
      If you have enough space, squash in one of my favorite vegetables to grill. Usually I start up the fire, go inside, slice the squash lengthwise, no more than 1/4 inch thick and "marinate" it in a simple vinaigrette- mixture of a little olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar (I've used both red wine and balsamic with good results), granulated garlic (fresh is yummy but can burn when chopped up), a little dried Italian seasoning, s&p. By the time I'm done with that, the fire is usually medium-high, so I throw the slices on the grill for probably 5-7 minutes total, turning halfway. As they're done, I return them to the marinade bowl and toss with the leftover vinaigrette (I'll also toss in some chopped fresh herbs at this point if I have them on hand i.e. parsley, basil).
      This is good straight off the grill, room temp or chilled. I bet a few chopped olives, red bell pepper and/or tomatoes and a little crumbled feta or freshly grated Parmesan would go nicely and add a little Mediterranean flavor- also makes for a "fancier" side dish.
      Have a great BBQ!

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        mmm... love the idea of that with a little feta. sounds great... I think I'll give it a go. got a gas grill... so this will be easy.

      2. You already have corn on your menu, but one of my favorite things with all summer squashes is calabacitas. Cut squash into bite-size pieces, chop an onion, cut the kernels off a couple of ears of corn. Starting with the onion, saute all in a mix of butter and olive oil. Add roasted, peeled, chopped green chiles (you can use canned for this recipe), continue to cook until everything is just tender. Add grated Monterey jack or cheddar cheese, salt & pepper to taste.

        There are a lot of variations. You want approximately the same amounts of squash, corn and peppers for balance. This is great fresh, leftovers reheat beautifully for a next-day lunch, and it's good at room temperature.

        1. Since you have a "plethora" of squash, consider making it two ways.

          And, when you say "green squash" is that acorn or zuccini or what?

          (1) Grilled and topped with cheese
          Slice it lengthwise, grill and each side (use oil on the grill or the green squash, (sprinkle with an herb if you want) and place a piece of sharp cheddar cheese on it (or gruyere or your choice) while grilling the second side. If you make sure the cheese is well within the boundary of the squash, you won't have any cheese flow over onto the grill with the Tri-tip.

          (2) Sauteed with onions and tomato (and if you want, fresh crimini mushrooms-sliced) with a hint of Italian sauce.
          Cut squash into bite size pieces, steam (or microwave in water) until still slightly crisp. Set aside.
          While that's happening, slice red onions into 1/4" thick half disks, and saute until carmelized (1/2-1/2 peanut oil and butter mixture is tasty, but not too much is needed. Add a tsp of brown sugar if you want)
          Dice up fresh Roma tomatoes (the less moisture and more meaty tomatoe the better), and set aside (to add last)
          Remove pan from heat, add a few tablespoons of spaghettti sauce, add some Italian herbs or herbs de provence to the now carmelized onions, add the sauce, add the green squash. Stir and cook about 3 minutes. Control liquid (add if needed, chicken broth or merlot or ?)
          Add large-dice tomatoes and stir. Remove from heat.

          Some people in my life don't like onions, so having both versions can accommodate those.

          And, if you like, you can go even further with the squash, onions, etc. mix. Cut 2-1/2" slices of red onion and separate into individual circles. Place on oiled tin foil (or parchment) on a cookie sheet and spoon mixture in each coil "bowl" (without a bottom, obviously) and sprinkle with bread crumbs and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Broil until crumbs are somewhat browned and cheese melts. Makes individual servings. And the onion bowl will still be somewhat crisp for those that like that. And, then they know onions are in it, too. The onion circle is kind of like the idea of stuffed peppers, but smaller.

          Just a few ideas, your menu sounds good. How can you choose from the plethora of ways to cook squash? See more recipes linked below.