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Jul 11, 2005 03:58 PM

Storing Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

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I love my KA stand mixer, and I don't even mind hauling it out from under the kitchen sink. However, I'm accumulating more gadgets and my kitchen isn't getting larger anytime soon. I am working on re-organizing the space under the kitchen sink and need to store fragile items near the KA, but worry that moving the mixer could damage these items.

So, how do you store your KA? And, has anyone tried those sliding wire drawers you can install in cabinets pictured at the link below (sorry, image URL didn't work)? Do they hold up in the long-run? Are the easy to install? Can they handle the weight of the KA?



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  1. I'd consult with the supplier about weight capacity for those things - they usually keep that data on hand, since it's something kitchen design contractors need to know.

    My ancient KB is still living on the countertop, but it's a royal pain. What would be perfect is a setup like the old sewing machine tables, where the mixer would live beneath the surface and pop up when it was needed. Barring that, just getting a cart to keep it on is something else I've been thinking about...but then I have to figure out where to put THAT...!

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      Hungry Celeste

      I don't have a KA mixer, but I do have those slide-out wire baskets loaded up with canned goods stacked 2 high. The basket & corresponding track hold up just fine under the weight of all those cans, so I'd imagine that it would hold the KA's weight. One thing: when installing them, make sure you screw them in properly...if your cabinet shelves are flimsy, you might need proper anchors for the screws. The wire basket will hold up to the weight, but the track may pull loose when the heavily loaded basket is extended completely.

      1. If you have to store it, you're not using it enough! I'm just kidding, however I do use mine 1-2 at least per day. IMHO, its just too heavy, (and useful), to put it up. Then again I don't live in a small apartment or anything.

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          Me too. Mine lives on the counter along with Cuisinart etc.

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            Linda from Boston

            When I purchased my Kitchen Aid mixer, I was disappointed I didn't think of having a shelf-lifter made for the mixer installed in my cabinets. My daughter thought I was crazy. She insisted the only place it should go was on the counter--it was way too beautiful to hide away. So there it sits and I must confess she was right. It is a "thing of beauty" and should be shown off and used often.

        2. Mine is enthroned on the countertop...pushed back as far as possible into the corner (doesn't quite fit under the cabinets) when not in use, then moved forward when needed. I'm not sure any of my cabinets are even tall enough to handle it, and hauling it about is just...unthinkable.

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          1. re: LT from LF

            You might be able to take the rubber feet off and take a small slice off the bottom so that it would fit under the cabinets. The feet are just held on by screws. That is what we did.

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              Oh, my cabinets are just stupid. I'd rather just keep it on the counter!

          2. you need a mixer lift! they are great... i had one in my old house... but unfortunately my current kitchen configuration doesn't make one practical.


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              This has just been added to my list of things I want when I finally get to re-do our kichen!