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Jul 10, 2005 01:52 AM

What to do with truffle butter?

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Saw this on sale at one of the gourmet warehouses in town and couldn't resist. I got black truffle butter, but the only idea I have (and it certainly makes my mouth water) is to baste roast chicken with it.

They also had white truffle butter, but I thought I'd tackle one new thing at a time. I thought maybe some fettuccine and cream concoction?

Any other suggestions for either of these?

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  1. first thing that came to mind was to put a big slab of it on a nice rare steak.

    i'll post something more creative once i get this idea out of my head. now i'm salivating....

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      That is hard to beat and it is really good to use when making really creamy scrambled eggs

    2. Put it on salmon, roast or pan sear

      1. I was thinking pasta...some fresh gnocci, perhaps. I wouldn't think you'd need to make a cream concoction. The truffle butter itself atop the gnocci seems perfect on it's own!

        1. Saute wild mushrooms in truffle butter serve on crostini with a little crumbled gorgonzola.

          Same thing would be good on a pizza with some fresh sage and a little goat cheese

          1. I recently used some truffle oil in a pasta that had some corn among other things. Corn and truffle flavor married very well IMO. Makes me think truffle butter would be the perfect gourmet anointment for corn on the cob. Mmmmm...