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Jul 5, 2005 09:29 PM

Sqeaky Breadman Ultimate Machine

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I love my Breadman Ultimate. I officially haven't purchased sandwich bread since November 2004. In fact, the only storebought bread I've purchased is a mini citrus almond brioche from Acme because it was so cute I had to have it--and I LOVE bread. But that's for the SF board...

Anyway, my machine's been squeaky lately during some of the more vigorous kneading cycles. I know I should go at it with some WD-40, but I'm completely clueless about where to start.

Should I just spray in that little round thing on the bottom of the machine (where the loaf pan hooks in)? Is there something on the bottom of the machine that's causing it? Should I just oil every crevice lightly and see what happens, or will that potentially damage my machine?

Has anyone's Breadman done this, and how did you fix it? TIA!

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    Salton, which makes Breadman, has a website showing a toll-free customer-service phone number. Call them. Don't risk damaging your machine.