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Jul 4, 2005 02:40 PM

Short Ribs--Dutch oven on Stove or bake in Oven?

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Just curious as to why some recipes call to put the dutch oven in the oven, or why some recipes call to have the dutch oven on the stove? Thanks for your expert opinions and anwers...

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    Becca Porter

    One reason alot of people brown spareribs in the oven is there is no oil splatter cleanup, as there is on the stove. Spareribs are extremely fatty, too. Also you don't have to watch them as closely.

    The other reason is the oven cooks things more evenly than the stovetop.

    I usually brown my spareribs, meatballs, crispy pork bits, etc. in the oven. It works great.

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      I think High Maint was asking about cooking daubes, lamb shanks, osso bucco, etc. in the over rather than simmering them on top of the stove.

      People say that the oven gives more evenly distributed heat and, unless you use reeaaallly high heat, won't burn anything.

      I don't know...sometimes I use the oven, sometimes the stovetop. Both seem to work. Mark Bittman and Paula Wolfert - 2 of my idols - mostly use the oven.

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        Ever tried them in a crockpot? Brown them first. This recipe is so,so'll want to drink the sauce.


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          Ever tried them in a crockpot? Brown them first. This recipe is so,so'll want to drink the sauce.


        2. I've only made short ribs in the oven; however, I just read the Zuni Cafe Cookbook recipe for short ribs braised in Chimay Ale (yum!) and Judy Rodgers advises to do so on the stove top. I have come to almost blindly trust Chef Rodgers, so this method has to have some merit!

          Many braising/stewing recipes seem to shift btwn. the oven or stove top. I usually make pot roast in the oven, but I know one can also make it on the stove top. Same goes for brisket.

          Since I haven't done alot of stove top braising, I'm not sure all the differences or what I prefer. I have heard (from my sis) that stove top goes a little more quickly and has rendered her better results for some dishes. While oven braising can be more even and gentle, sometimes it's harder to monitor and can lead to dry meat if the liquid evaporates too much over time w/o getting replenished. I also think that many ovens aren't properly calibrated, so stove top might offer a little more control over the heat. I'm sure a nice vessel like a Le Creuset French oven would aid in stove top braising.

          I've read excellent things about the linked book if you're interested in learning more about braising. I would think the differences btwn. oven vs. stove top braising would be discussed there.


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            High Maintenance

            Great post and link. Thanks for everyone's advice!!