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Jun 28, 2005 03:44 PM

Cutco Pots & Pans

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I have a Cutco "waterless" dutch over and and thinking about buying a set. I went to a Saladmaster demonstration where the entire meal was cooked in under 45 minutes and the rep, Randy Pigeon, was very funny and informative. The set I was interested in was extremely expensive, so I thought to call my trusty Cutco dealer, Kerry Kruckmeyer, and I could get more product through him for less $$$. To check out either of these before deciding you can contact Randy @ or Kerry @ 877-886-2382. Kerry claims he has been cooking with Cutco for the past 30 years.

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  1. I posted a post a while back titled "expensive cookware" something close to that. I inherited a few Healthcraft waterless cookware pieces and I love them. I am not that computer saavy, maybe you can do a search and find it.

    I did some research on waterless cookware and found that there are many other companies that sell the same idea for much less. Cutco was one of them. I am wondering how the quality compares between the Cutco and the Healthcraft. My mind is really foggy right now, not much sleep, I hope this post makes any sense for that matter. In my research, see link below. I found out that Healthcraft cookware is manufactured by the West Bend company now owned by Regal ware. They also manufacture over 90% of the different " waterless cookware brands ": classica, colonial, cook best, flavorite, health craft (even though it does not state on this website I found it on another website), Inkor, kitchencraft, lustrecraft, miracle maid, royal queen,seal-o-matic,etc.
    I know just because the cookwares are made by the same manufacturer does not mean they are all of the same caliber or quality. Each company requests the manufacture to make their cookware to their specifications.

    But who knows? This cookware is so expensive that its hard to do a test on them, and most of the consumer magazines or books I have read don't include this cookware in their tests. Also, over the years Healthcraft has changed their design and materials of their cookware. Mine is stainless outside with black knobs. The new ones have titanium and silver and gold. I read a post on e-opinions of someone complaining of their gold peeling off when using them on a gas stove, and the warranty not covering it. I really wish I could get some un-biased opinions on this cookware but its pretty hard. The only info available is from the demonstrations and the companies themselves and distributors who obviously have some interest at stake.

    Well, if you do buy the Cutco cookware, I would love to hear your feedback on it.

    Oh and don't forget to check out website and :


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    1. "Let the buyer beware!". There are so many "water-less cookware" sets available everywhere but the real test is the so called "Lifetime warranty" that they all profess.
      It's just not true. Handling charges, replacement fees, etc. are all rip offs in my opinion.
      After investing $1,500-$4,000+ for this wonderful type of equipment, why should there be any charges for service? The biggest in the world is AMC out of Switzerland that realizes over a Billion dollars in revenue every year. They have the best products and warranties in the world, up until now.
      Lake Industries, of Ontario CA who is according to my research, the largest supplier to the direct sales industry and they manufacture several brands for private label as well as their own proprietary lines i.e. Professional Platinum, Cookworld, Nutri-Stahl, Truly Magic and many others. They are the ONLY US supplier that offers a hands down no questions asked warranty. Its unbeleiveable how they treat their customers. We all should learn from their true "Value is Vital" philosophy. Today, the waterless cooking sets available by Lake Industries
      is the undisputed best quality, service and their prices can't be beat.
      I know, as I owned several other sets over the years and after having to spend a "fortune" on replacements, we got lucky and found Lake. They are for real and they sell for half of what the competition does. Funny how so many of the former Executives and Top Field Directors have all joined the Lake team. They must be doing something right. Check them out, I did and am thrilled with them!
      Here's their website

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        My parents and 2-3 of my siblings and their families all have Saladmaster cookware and you're right, they are pricey! We have done some parties just so we could get some of their tools. We were given a Cutco knife set for our wedding, which is how we afforded them. LOVE those knives! And talk about customer service? I have seen exemplary customer service with both these companies across the board, from sales to replacements.
        I hadn't heard about Nutri-Stahl until today when I saw that has a GREAT deal on them later this week. Excited to get my wife a set I started to check prices on Nutri-Stahl, but the little information that I COULD find was just people giving 1-2 out of 5 stars to the company and saying what a scam they are and how awful to deal with are the people who work for them. There are only a couple reviews on, and the site with the most feedback I found is here:

        I continued looking after finding the first couple reviews, hoping they were just bitter or something, because I really wanted to get a great set of cookware for my family, but have come to the conclusion that maybe less than $180 for the 22-piece set isn't as unbelievable of a deal as it sounds :(

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