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Jun 26, 2005 05:41 PM

Does this entree sound good?

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Finding myself with a large bowl of lefover orange and lemon slices marinating in brandy (ingredients that ended up not being used in yesterday's sangria), I started thinking about savory uses. So here's my dinner idea, let me know what you think.

Pork chops rubbed with toasted, crushed cumin, chipotle chiles, a little mexican oregano, salt. Roasted with a blanket of brandy soaked lemon and orange slices, with the brandy marinade mixed with olive oil and poured over all. Cooked until citrus is well charred.

Anything I should add/subtract? Are there better (separate) uses for my pork chops and citrus?

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. what time shall I arrive? ;-)

    1. The pork may overcook by the time the citrus "chars." Myself, I would stick a quick read thermometer into the thickest of the chops or a find a recipe vaguely like yours and go by that timing rather than the appearance of the fruit.

      Also, with that much liquid (from that much fruit), it's not really going to "roast" so much as braise under a blanket of it, even uncovered, so you might want to brown the chops first if appearance is an issue for you.

      1. Sounds like a good idea, although I personally would veer towards sweeter, aromatic Spanish/Euro seasonings, as opposed to spicy Mexican ones. Things along the lines of saffron, paprika, fennel seed. Agree w/ MikeG that browning the chops first would be good before finishing in oven. Sliced fennel bulb roasted w/ everything would be nice IMO. I like my pork done around 140-145F. If citrus isn't charred when the pork is done, then remove chops and finish citrus under broiler.

        Imagine that your brandied citrus could taste good w/ the right kind of fish. Something like whole tilapia or snapper fillets.