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Jun 26, 2005 12:43 PM

substitute for fish stock

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When making a seafood or clam chowder, what can you use as a substitute for fish stock? I've made fish stock once and don't want to do that again. If you used bottled clam juice, what ratio would you use? For example, if the recipe called for 6 cups of fish stock, what could you use as a substitute?

Also, has anyone tried Penzey's Seafood Base? Wondering if this is a good alternative?

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  1. You can substitute with either, but just make sure those are flavors you actually want/like.

    What I really wanted to point out is that both seafood base and clam juice are very salty. That's what I really hate about them. When making chowder, I rely on the juice from a can or two of clams, plus the whole live clams that I add towards the end to give it the soup clam flavor.

    If you have a gourmet store nearby, or even a fancier supermarket, they might have packaged or frozen fish stock.

    1. You may be able to purchase clam base at a local food specialty dealer...16 oz lasts a long time. I have been using it for years for chowder, clam sauce, bully-base, etc. I get it locally for about $10.00, but you can order and pay more. See link below. You might check your local upscale fish market to order it for you.


      1. Check your grocery store and if they carry Kitchen Basics Chicken, Vegetable, and Beef stock demand that they start carrying the Seafood Stock, it is really fish stock, no shell fish involved. I just found it in a local chain store and a thrilled with it.

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          Yes, have liked KB's seafood stock. Trader Joe's carries it.

        2. I've used the Penzey's, and while it's not as fabulous as fresh homemade fish stock, it's perfectly acceptable. It's certainly convenient; I also keep the chicken and turkey versions on hand. Usually I just add a dab to sauces rather than reconstituting it as a broth.