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Jun 25, 2005 11:53 PM

Plum tart ala Carb Lover

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I made a plum tart tonight and it was so good my brains are falling out.

It is the perfect balance btwn sour and sweet. I used plums and pluots and a couple of nectarines. There were 3 of us for dinner and the tart is all gone.

Everyone on this list should make one soon. We got plums in our Full Belly Farm box this week and they're really good. Pluots, too.

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  1. Glad that the tart had a brain-ejecting effect on you! Saw lots of great plums at my farmer's market today, but decided to bypass them for peaches instead. Now I wish I'd gotten some for snacking at least!

    Got the peaches for my next fruit dessert project...eggless (Philadelphia-style) peach ice cream. Got both white and yellow peaches, and while they're still not at their peak, I want to make that ice cream!

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      Oooh, remember to share the recipe and photos when you're done!

      I've never had a peach ice cream that I like because I hate that artificial peach taste in lotion, candy, bad juice, and ice cream. I love real peaches, though, so I bet I'd like homemade peach ice cream. TIA!