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Jun 25, 2005 04:50 PM

Low Fat Tuna Salad

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Thanks to all of the 'hounds who responded with their tuna salad recipes. This is my first variation based upon your recommendations. I really enjoyed this, and the Tuna Guys fish is really outstanding product. This recipe is my own basis tuna salad recipe, but with Tuna Guys albacore tuna instead of the cheap supermarket crap, and instead of my usual two tons of regular mayo, just a little bit of the light stuff. The Tuna Guys fish has a very nice "sweet" taste, I could eat this stuff straight very easily:

Low Fat Tuna Salad (Variation 1)

3-6oz. cans, Tuna Guys albacore tuna
3-Tbs, Best Foods (Hellman's in the east) Light Mayonnaise
1-Tbs, sweet pickle relish
3-Stalks, celery, diced
1/2-Tbs pimento

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix thoroughly, breaking up the tuna, chill and serve wrapped in lettuce instead of between bread.

Yield is approximately 20 ounces of tuna salad, total calories approximately 1,222 (but it will serve two - four people),

(Note: Tuna Guys canned tuna is premium tuna, the only ingredients in the can are tuna and a bit of salt, the liquid in the can is not water and is not oil, it is actual liquid from the fish. This tuna is hand packed and the only tuna that I will eat right out of the can, it is that good. It costs $4.24 a can in quantities of less than 12, $3.86 a can in quantities from 12 to 23, and $3.20 a can in quantities of 24 or greater. Can be ordered on the Internet from or


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  1. Sounds good but watch that sugar! The Best Foods/Hellmans Light (green lable) has a lot of sugar in it, the Low Fat (light blue lable) is free of sugar. The pickle relish probably has a bunch of sugar too. Low fat/ low carb/ low cal/diabetic etc. We all get way too much sugar and it is hidden in many sneaky ways.

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    1. re: Candy

      I am using the blue label.

      And believe me, I check my blood sugars every morning, so I know whats in all that stuff. Thanks, though.


    2. Not a fan of sweet tuna salad (I love thin slices of dill pickles on my tuna or alongside of it!) but I LOVE the idea tuna wrapped in romaine instead of bread! Have been eating it that way for a while now. I'm not a fan of sweet cornbread! Nor sweet cole slaw, come to think of it!