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Jun 24, 2005 04:41 PM

Anyone have a good, basic, old-fashioned pizza recipe?

I've always loved old-school pizza (especially from Boston and New York) and am wondering if anyone has a good, simple recipe for a basic Italian pizza. No gourmet stuff, no exotic ingredients, just something that is along the line of Santarpio's, Regina's, Grimaldi's, di Fara, Pepe's, or any of the other great pizza joints of the Northeast.


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  1. I would suggest that you invest in The Pizza Book, by Evelyne Slomon, which has recipes for how to make Santarpio's, Pepe's and Sally's pizza to name a few. It's broken down by region, and has recipes for NY Style, New England Style and Italian Style in addition to Chicago, California, etc. The recipes are a little lengthy and the instructions very precise and detailed, so I'm not comfortable paraphrasing because my changes might mess you up. I've linked the book through below (via chowhound).

    In the meanwhile, to get you started, there was a great post a while back by Mrs. Smith on how to make great pizza crust, which you can find here:


    1. I don't know any of those places. I either use a dough recipe from Joy of Cooking or buy Trader Joe's frozen.

      I like it thin. Most often, I will just spread tomato paste on the dough, rather than a sauce. And then whatever I happen to have on hand for toppings: cheese [mozzarella], artichoke hearts, mushrooms, olives, pepper, onion, some fresh tomato slices, ground beef.

      1. The hard part about making good pizza at home is getting your oven hot enough. A pizza stone will help but restaurant pizzas are great when they have great, hot ovens.