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Jun 21, 2005 12:15 AM

Best Instant Noodle/Ramen Bowl

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This post is in partial response to the thread "Your Recs...Best Instant Ramen Bowls" on the General Topics Board, linked below.

I think Indo Mie are the tastiest of the instant noodles which I've tried. Better than Maruchan, Nissin, and the very salty Cup-O's.

I sometimes pound my fist once or twice on the still closed Indo Mie package to break up the noodles before opening. My favorite flavor is the chicken.

I generally don't drain the noodles, instead I'll enjoy them as a broth. Add some dried porcini mushrooms to the cooking pot, maybe a couple of frozen shrimps, some diced cha siu, a little baby bok choy, some thinly sliced daikon, then when finished cooking on the stovetop, I'll pour it all into a giant bowl, dribble in a couple of drops of sesame oil and liesurely schlurp it all for lunch with a Chinese soup spoon and chopsticks. A little side dish of hot Chinese mustard for occasional dipping of the ingredients makes a perfect quick meal.


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    Hungry Celeste

    I don't like the instant ramen bowls, but I really like instant pho (esp chicken pho, aka pho ga). The rice noodles are lighter, tastier, and soak up more flavor than the ramen noodles.