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Jun 20, 2005 09:39 AM

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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Have a cooking question...
I received a new ice cream maker as a wedding present and I tried it out for the first time last night...
Since I had some delicious Tahitian Vanilla beans, I made some Vanilla Ice cream.
Anyways, I followed the recipe that was enclosed with the maker...and the consistency was perfect. However, it tasted a bit "egg-y" to me. Is this because when I made the custard I cooked it too long? Or, not long enough? OR, was the recipe incorrect and I should have used less eggs?
I've made lemon bars before so I know the whole "cook and stir" egg yolks until it coats the back of the spoon trick and my lemon bars never tasted "egg-y".

Any ideas??


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  1. Vanilla bean is still my favorite homemade flavor. How many yolks did your recipe call for? I've seen recipes range from 3-6 yolks for little over a quart of ice cream. Six yolks will make it more custard-like, what I think of as French vanilla. It may be eggy, but in a good way to me. Perhaps your recipe needed more sugar or vanilla to balance?

    Linked a recipe below that is for true vanilla fiends, as it uses two pods and additional extract. Made a couple of times resulting in major swoonage. There's another recipe on the MS Living site that uses no eggs and is called "old-fashioned vanilla ice cream." Anyone try this recipe before?


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      It called for 2 large eggs and 3 additional egg yolks, so it's right in line with your average. I think I may need more sugar...I used 2 vanilla pods so I don't think I need more vanilla (unless I add some extract in addition).
      Thanks for the recipe! I will definitely have to try it upon your recommendation!

      1. re: Martini called for egg whites too? I've never seen a recipe that called for whites, just yolks. Whites smell like the eggy culprit to me...

        I would only use yolks. The recipe I linked is def. on the decadent side w/ 6 yolks, so you could probably reduce that some if you wanted less. I'm really curious to try the Philadelphia-style w/ no yolks and will report back w/ those results.