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Jun 19, 2005 03:15 AM

What do you do with truffle oil?

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OK, so I was at Trader Joe's today and somwhat impulsively purchased a bottle of white truffle oil and a bottle of black truffle oil. I've never used these before and was wondering if anyone would share their ideas or tips on how to use this product. Thanks!

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  1. Use it to finish off a dish.
    I drizzle it over poached eggs served with asparagus.
    It's great on salads, a bit over pasta just before you bring it to the table...
    When I make popcorn, I mix a little in with my melted butter before I pour it over and toss it together.


    1. Drizzle over grilled steaks, frenchfries(frittes), simple mixed green salad, rinse greens salt and pepper, add to mashed potatoes........

      1. Yum! I second the suggestions for gourmet popcorn and in mashed potatoes. It is also delicious over scrambled eggs - but I only use 1/4 teaspoon as it is so strong and can be overpowering if you use too much.

        It also tastes fantastic on risottos as well.

        1. Aside from prior suggestions about mashed potatoes (or other root vegetables like parsnip, celeriac for that matter) risotto, and eggs, I actually like to drizzle over cooked peas. Also, spike your lobster-dippin' butter with a bit for a truly over-the-top treat.

          1. Good thing you bought it now: the white truffle oil is almost gone until next season.

            There have been threads before on what to do with truffle oil (I'd do a control-F search on the General Topics board for "truffle oil"). One comment posters have made is that black and white can be used slightly differently: black can be added to foods while the cook, while white should be used as a "finishing oil."

            A couple of things I do with my TJ's white truffle oil: drizzle it on tuna tartare and add it to sour cream for an awesome dip/topping.