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Jun 18, 2005 11:48 PM

Grilled duck

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We've all seen a million articles (and chowhound posts) about grilled chicken, but I'm not sure I've ever read anything about cooking duck on the grill. Does the higher fat content make for problematic flare-ups? And what about beer-can duck?

If anyone has had any experience with this, please enlighten us.


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  1. I once did two ducks in my Weber kettle on the front porch back in Nashville, using the slow-cooking indirect method (maybe two hours and a couple of additions of fresh charcoal). Just had'em sitting side-by-side (they were small) in an iron skillet. Grease problems? Yeah, just one: I neglected to put newspaper down under the grill, and the fat spattered onto the lid and dripped down onto the concrete floor. I'm sure the ring of grease-stain is still there, six or seven years later!

    They were sure good, though. A chef friend of ours, mostly a vegetarian, dropped around after she'd closed the restaurant and took an experimental bite, and said, "Oh shit that's good - can I have this leg?" which she proceeded to devour.

    1. Paul, Use Will's indirect method. NEVER try grilling duck over direct heat unless you want to recreate the texture of a Wolverine work boot.

      1. I've had great success rotisserie-ing on the grill per Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible - about 1 1/2-2 hrs med-high heat for a whole duck.