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Jun 18, 2005 10:57 PM

Pressure-cooking short ribs!

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Whoa!!! I have Jacques Pepin's "Fast Food My Way" from the library...he talks about pressure cooking short ribs...well, I tried it tonight with great reservations...they came out SO falling off the bone that my son and his friend ate 2 gigantic ones each! And they could have eaten more! I did not make Pepin's specific recipe because I could not find dried shiitakes (plus they are so expensive!) but tried EPI's Short Ribs with Asian Flavors. Folks, there have been so many discussions on this board about the awesome powers of short ribs...well, this is yet another way to enjoy them...the only recommendation I would offer is to brown them first...then proceed with the pressure-cooking. Oh, alright...another must use the leanest short ribs you can find and/or TRIM any solid fat layers you can before browning and cooking. The sauce seemed a tad bit greasy to me after cooking, but son and friend almost slurped it from their plates. Just had to share...has anyone else tried this method for short ribs?

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  1. I thin A Cafe in Venice, California has.

    1. Now I know what I'm going to do with the short ribs that have been hanging out in my freezer.

      BTW, Costco usually carries a large container of dried shitakes in their produce department for about $12, IIRC. They stay good for quite awhile.

      1. It's a great way to do short ribs. I used my pressure cooker for bison short ribs...they were perfect.

        Dried shiitakes are not that expensive if you go to the Asian supermarkets.