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Jun 17, 2005 08:43 PM

Wedding Registry Advice

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One of the best parts of getting married- getting to ask for expensive presents for the kitchen!! Any advice on what to register for as far as cookware sets/bakeware/woks/etc? What do you use? What do you love? What do you wish you could buy (or have someone buy for you?)

We'll be doing some moving around in the next few years, but I'm a serious home cook so I'm willing to move good quality heavy stuff around. We make mostly Southeast Asian & Indian food with the occasional quick pasta or tapas dinner party thrown in. Not as much baking, although I do love to make my Mom's banana bread when I'm feeling homesick. Thanks for advice on this list and whatever else you can think of!

Electric Appliances
Stand/hand mixer
Waffle iron
Ice-cream maker

Cooking Equipment
Cookware set
Stockpot/pasta pot
Double boiler
Roaster and rack
Cookie sheets
Pie plates
Muffin tins
Cake pans
Lasagna pan

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  1. Just a note that there's no point in buying an expensive wok. Carbon steel ones are the best and cost under $15 at a restaurant supply store. So unless you mean a nonstick wok or have somehow registered at an Asian restaurant supply store, don't put this on your registry. Department stores don't typically stock carbon steel woks, and the fancy schmancy ones (Williams-Sonoma, I'm looking at YOU) are really and truly pointless.

    And if indeed you have found a way to register at a place that's not mainstream, please share your secret!

    Things I use a lot or have always wanted:
    -French press
    -Kitchen torch
    -Corningware set (casseroles, souffle dishes, ramekins)
    -Bread machine
    -Food Processor
    -Milk frother (between this and the French press, I personally have no need for a coffee machine or espresso machine)
    -Spice rack
    -Meat and candy thermometers
    -Second freezer (the size of a dorm fridge)
    -Ice cream machine
    -Cooling racks
    -Pressure cooker
    -Rice cooker
    -Steaming tray/rack/baskets
    -Set of great knives
    -Knife sharpener/stone/steel

    and so much more...

    1. ramekins are a must....they can be used for so many things in and out of the kitchen.

      1. I would register a few pieces of Le Creuset - they are nice, colorful, last forever and can be a little cost-prohibitive. Dutch oven, for ex., or a casserole.

        1. I drool over those all-clad roasting pans. Sooo expensive though.

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            Anything and everything all-clad. You won't regret it. They last a lifetime and are oh-so-pretty.

          2. Just my opinion, but I would cross the waffle maker off the list. I guess unless you really love to make waffles. All I know is that my husband wanted one of these and in 3 years, we have never used it once. Maybe because I just don't like waffles enough?!

            Anyway, they are pretty cheap so you can always get one later on.

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            1. re: valerie

              Us, too. I think we'll finally use it (after 8 years!) when our daughter is old enough to enjoy waffles (another year).